Edge Arcade Stick Mini NES

Get the Steelplay Retro Line Edge Joystick and get ahead of the game.

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Beskrivning av artikel

The NES Classic Edition comes with only one game pad, definitely a player 2 joystick is mandatory. Replaying the classic games are even better using this cheat arcade joystick. The hardware gives you the power of turbo fire, a necessity for the classic games. Built-in smart programming allows you to customize the intensity level of turbo fire. As a secret weapon, the controller has a slow motion button, that slows the action on screen. The package is bundled with a CHEAT CODE book, which includes Secret Tips or Game Unlock Passwords for all 30 of the included games.


  • Includes 1 arcade stick and 1 cheat code book
  • Arcade stick compatible withClassic Mini NES
  • Turbo Fire’ & ‘Slow Motion’ buttons
  • Adjustable ‘Turbo Fire’
  • 64 pages Cheat code book including Secret Tips & Unlock Password forall 30 of the included games
  • Interchangeable stick